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My Real Pets

I just love all of these guys! I tend to favor Mischief & Angel though! There isn't much to say about the birds.


This is Angel. Just love her to pieces *huggles*. I got her 2 years ago as a Christmas present. She's a pure-bred Bichon Frise & registered (beats me where). Her full show name is IceDazzler Rosa Lee & I got her in Sydney. She loves to play with my hamster, Mischief, especially when he's in his plastic globe, running around.

Angel on the Chinese bed!


My hamster, Mischief is a Russian Dwarf hamster. He's not much of a dwarf though, he's the size of my palm! I got him from a friend who's hamsters had babies. He's never bitten me & is very tolerant of my dog, Angel, who's always trying to play with him. He's not very photogenic (nor co-operative) so I don't have a picture of him.